Benefits of Joining WHBA: 

  • Networking Events
  • Promotional listing on the Website
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Business Resources
  • Continuing Education Credit for Builders
  • Westside Home Builders Association Healthcare program
  • Membership Includes Membership in the National Home Builders Association & Home Builders Association of Georgia

Here are instructions for new members looking to join:

1. Click here to complete a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONThis will ask you for your business details, sponsor membership (if applicable), and payment details.
2. Complete the set-up of your Billhighway account.  This will be completing the set-up of your username/password which you'll need for renewing!
3. Start using your membership!
 It's that easy! Once you've completed the above two steps, your membership is active and you can being reaping the benefits of joining Westside HBA.


Member Types:

  • Builder Member: A residential or commercial builder. Applicant must hold a current Georgia Builder License issued by the Secretary of State. Non-licensed builders must join as Associate Members.  $550.00
  • Associate Member: Any company or individual interested in joining WHBA who does not hold a current Georgia Builder License issued by the Georgia Secretary of State. $550.00
  • Affiliate Member: An Affiliate Member must be an employee or owner of either a Builder or Associate Member of WHBA. The purpose of an Affiliate Member is to allow additional company employees to be active representatives of an existing member firm. $215.00

Renewal Example:  If you join in June of 2017, your renewal date will be June of 2018.

Bonus Benefits: Have WHBA Perform your DET Testing!!

DET Verification is now required on all new homes prior to obtaining a Certification of Occupancy Verification which includes a Blower Door Test for air infiltration and Duct Blast Test on all HVAC systems outside the home's conditioned space. The DBT is performed on the ducts outside the building envelope (in unconditioned spaces) to identify excessive leakage.

The current level of air tightness is not hard to achieve but home builders must hire a DET Verifier who is certified to perform the diagnostic testing required. Membership in Westside HBA qualifies you for a $200 PER HOME price. Only a Certified Duct & Envelope Tightness or DET Verifier will be allowed to do this testing. WHBA is Certified to perform this test and will be happy to assist you with any DET Verification questions you may have.

As a Certified DET Tester, our WHBA Executive Officer, will perform your required DET Verification and issue the DET Certificate necessary to obtain a CO on your home. Call WHBA at 770-355-6714 to schedule your next DET Certification.