The Westside Home Builders Association Healthcare program simplifies what has become very complex and provides a high-end, affordable healthcare solution for individuals and families, employers, employees and sole-proprietors. It is compliant with ACA regulations for essential coverage, provides a four (4) Year “Rate Lock” ensuring rate stability in a very unstable market and can lower healthcare costs by as much as 60% or more when compared to traditional group health insurance or the state exchanges.

Participants may choose either the Apex Basic MEC Plan (HDHP) or the Advantage Plan for preventative coverage and then pair it with the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Plan for major medical or catastrophic events. These ACA compliant packages include 100% coverage for all 18 preventative services for adults, 26 services for women, and 27 services for children.

Sedera is a non-insurance, community sharing approach to managing health care costs. Participants in the medical cost sharing plan are self-pay patients and submit their expense for sharing to Sedera when they exceed their deductibles. There are no networks and members are free to go to the provider of their choice.